Silesia positive energy



The best-known sports figures of recent years who are associated with the Province of Silesia are: Otylia Jêdrzejczak, Adam Małysz and Tomasz Sikora. Sports results measured in terms of medals or high positions reached during sports competitions are also connected with the size of the sports base or the number of trainees. In the Silesian Province neither sports facilities nor trainees are lacking.

Among summer sports it is football that plays the leading role. In 2005/6 season the Province has been represented in the Polish Premier League by the following:

  • Górnik Zabrze
  • Odra Wodzislaw

Among team sports volley ball occupies an important position. In the senior category the title of vice-champions of Poland has been achieved by the Jastrzêbski Wêgiel club from Jastrzêbie Zdrój.

The Province of Silesia also has its own representatives in the hand ball competitions for men and women. The following teams are in the women's First League: Zgoda Ruda Śląska and Sośnica Gliwice. In the men's First League of the hand ball there is Olimpia Piekary Śląskie.

Competitors from the Silesian Judo Association do not have their equals in the national arena. The most dynamic club that follows this sports discipline is GKS "Czarni" Bytom. They have won, many times, both the team and individual Championship of Poland in different age categories.

The lovers of speedway in our region had the opportunities to relish the winning of the bronze medal by Włókniarz Częstochowa in the First League Competitions in 2005.

In winter sports excitement is connected mainly with individual sports disciplines, such as : ski jumping, biathlon and ski running. Adam Ma³ysz, Tomasz Sikora and Justyna Kowalczyk have been gaining successes in these disciplines for many years.

In the Olympic Games in Turin which took place at the beginning of 2006, Tomasz Sikora won the silver medal in biathlon at the distance of 15 km from a common start, whereas Justyna Kowalczyk won the bronze medal in ski running at the distance of 30 km

Another sports discipline that draws numerous fans to the stadia is ice hockey. The clubs from the Silesian Province have played leading roles for many years. This season the region will be represented by the Miners' Sports Club Tychy and Zagłębie Sosnowiec.

A lot of Sports Associations function in the Province of Silesia. Their goal is to organize sports activities for the handicapped. "Start", i.e. The Province's Association of Sports and Rehabilitation for the Handicapped and The Regional Branch of the Special Olympic Games, Poland (the Silesian Region) are the most active.