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Development Strategy

The ‘Śląskie 2020' Śląskie Voivodeship Development Strategy

The Sejmik (local assembly) of the Śląskie Voivodeship adopted, by means of resolution No. III/47/1/2010 of 17 February 2010, the ‘Śląskie 2020' Śląskie Voivodeship Development Strategy, which is an update of the 2000-2020 Śląskie Voivodeship Development Strategy adopted by the Sejmik on 4 July 2005.

As the main tool for the implementation of the voivodeship development policy, the strategy specifies the scope of actions being taken by regional authorities and is a reference point for planning, zoning and programme initiatives and documents executed at the regional and local level, also by groups of professionals. 

The first Śląskie Voivodeship Development Strategy was adopted by the Sejmik of the Śląskie Voivodeship in 2000. After five years, as a result of changing economic and social conditions and new principles of running regional policy after Polish accession to the European Union, the Strategy was updated in the ‘2000-2020 Śląskie Voivodeship Development Strategy' document. In 2008, regional authorities again updated this key strategic document of the region. 

As a tool for the implementation of the voivodeship development policy, the Strategy is a consensus between the interests of particular regional actors, various development objectives of all partners and external and internal conditions determining the actions carried out in the region. It is a source of information on the development policy for both the inhabitants of the region and investors wishing to start operations in it. 

The vision of development formulated in the ‘Śląskie 2020' Strategy stresses the necessity to improve the quality of public services and the economic development of the region, at the same time being a continuation of already implemented paths of development of the voivodeship. On the basis of this vision and with a time horizon set for 2020, strategic objectives have been set, followed by specification of the directions of actions and undertakings.