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The Pauline Fathers' Monastery on Jasna Góra in Częstochowa, with its Miraculous Picture of Black Madonna, is the greatest attraction for pilgrims and tourists visiting our region in great numbers. According to the legend, the Miraculous Picture was painted by St. Luke on the board of the Holy Family's table. The Pope John Paul II, who visited Jasna Góra many times as the Krakow metropolitan and then as the Bishop of Rome, named Częstochowa as the "spiritual capital of Poland". It is estimated that the Sanctuary on Jasna Góra is visited every year by about 5 million people from various parts of the world. The monastery is also a great treasury of the national souvenirs. One may not get familiar with and comprehend the Polish history without visiting Jasna Góra.


Piekary Śląskie with its Picture of the Holy Mary of Piekary is a very special place for any Upper-Silesian. The tradition of women's and men's walking pilgrimages to this sanctuary dates back to 17th century. Karol Wojtyła, later John Paul II, was a frequent visitor and a preacher here. Even today, the pilgrimages of the women dressed in traditional clothes provide the opportunity to experience the living Silesian folklore. 


In the Śląskie Voivodeship, about seventy wooden churches have been preserved, most captivating for their simplicity of the form and the aesthetic quaint