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Health tourism

Tourism of the a health resort

The numerous spa centres, located on the Równica Mountain slopes in Ustroń, provide abundant curative and leisure facilities of the Beskidy Mountains. Our spas are ideal for treating the rheumatic illnesses, motion organs, respiratory and circulatory system illnesses.

The centres, equipped in modern medical instrumentation and devices, offer the iodine and bromine brine baths, mud bath procedures, light- and electric treatment as well as criotherapy, inhalations, massages and gymnastics.

 The natural healing conditions as well as the well-organised spa infrastructure can also be found in Goczałkowice Zdrój. In the spas operating there, the motion organ illnesses are treated and, in particular, the rheumatologic illnesses and posttraumatic joints as well as some of the nervous system affections. The centres provide the patients with the wide range of medical services, including criotherapy.