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Monuments of Technology

The Monuments of Technology

Owing to the dynamic growth of industry as well as the application of the most up-to-date achievements of technology, the Upper-Silesia became known in the whole Europe at the turn of 18th century.  In Tarnowskie Góry, there are two places of interest associated with silver and lead mining: the Historical Silver-Mine and the Black Trout Drift, where the biggest attraction is the six hundred-meter underground vessel drift along the mine corridors. 

In Zabrze, there are the historical hard coal-mining objects: The "Guido" Underground Museum, the "Queen Louise" Heritage Park as well as the Museum of Coal-Mining.

With the aid of the resources from the European Union, the project: "Zabrze - the town of industrial tourism" is being executed, whose aim is to customize the existing monuments to the needs of tourists. The Key Heritage Drift - a system of underground corridors that in 19th century served for transporting coal will be the element combining all the objects functioning in Zabrze. Soon, the visitors will have the chance of getting acquainted in an active manner with miners' work, moving underground in vessels, narrow-gauge and underslung railway.

The possibility of visiting the Prince's Brewery in Tychy, along with the Museum of Brewing Industry, is the attraction not only for beer enthusiasts. It is actually here that the history of this beverage, dating to 1629, has been presented in the most modern manner. At the end of each tour, it is possible to taste the products of the contemporary brewers.

In Gliwice, it is worth seeing the 110-meter Radio Station Mast, which is the biggest wooden structure in Europe.  An interesting industrial monument of Częstochowa is the Museum of Matches, where one may closely observe the production of matches that is carried out in the traditional way. 

For 150 years, the narrow-gauge railway functions uninterruptedly in the region. Its route spans for 23 km and runs from Bytom to Miasteczko Śląskie. Not far from there, in Radzionków, there is the Museum of Bread, the only one of that sort in Poland, where one may try one's hand at preparing and baking bread.  

In Bielsko-Biała, there is the Museum of Textile Industry, where the machines for manufacturing fabrics have been gathered, whereas in Mysłowice, there is the Central Museum of Fire-Fighting with the monumental fire-fighting vehicles. With tourist in mind, the technology Monuments Route has been developed.