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Hotels, Conference Facilities

Hotels, Conference Facilities

Business Tourism

The excellent public transport, huge hotel and gastronomic offer, numerous tourist attractions create perfect conditions for organising congresses, conferences and training courses.

Let us invite you to:

  • Katowice - the capital of the region, located in the central part of the voivodeship. Here functions the "Spodek" Show & Sports Hall.The hotels in the city centre offer over 2,000 beds. Also, such towns as Zabrze, Gliwice, Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Rybnik are perfect places for organising large conference and training events. A visit in the nearby Tychy Museum of Brewing Industry, the Castle Museum in Pszczyna, Historical Silver-Mine in Tarnowskie Góry or the "Queen Louise" Mining Museum may be an excellent complement to a training course. 
  • Szczyrk, Wisła, Ustroń - the popular Beskidy leisure destinations. The excellent hotels as well as conference centres, apart from the high standard, offer the conference halls, equipped with the up-to-date audio-visual equipment. The outings by the chair railways to Skrzyczne and Czantoria, by the gondola-type to Szyndzielnia, by rail & line type on the Żar Mountain, numerous walking and cycling tracks and in wintertime the well-prepared ski slopes provide an excellent opportunity for leisure, improving the quality of a training course.
  • The Krakow and Częstochowa Upland. The dynamically growing hotel range meets the requirements of the most demanding customers and the surrounding calciferous rocks are a perfect place for organising the incentive-type programs: "schools of survival", horse-riding, track car drives, rock climbing. 

The Cuisine

It is the cuisine that is our region's bounty. The stylish inns and restaurants welcome tourists, offering tasty, regional dishes. The unquestionable leader of the Silesian cuisine is żur, a soup made from rye flour leaven, served with smoked beckon and an egg, as well as the roll meat and Silesian noodles.

It is kita, a smoked pork ham served hot, that prevails over the cuisine of the Beskidy highlanders as well as kwaśnica - a soup prepared from the extract from a pig snout and sauerkraut. Oscypek - a smoked cheese from sheep milk, made by the highlanders is getting more and more popular, delicious both when served cold and hot.   

The region is also known for its brewing traditions. Here function the breweries producing the most renowned beer brands: Żywiec and Tyskie.