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Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

1. Jasna Góra, Częstochowa
The Pauline Fathers Monastery on Jasna Góra with its Miraculous Picture of Black Madonna - the spiritual capital of Poland. The treasury of the national souvenirs. The place of John Paul II numerous pilgrimages. 

2. The Route of Eagle Nests, Ogrodzieniec, Będzin, Olsztyn, Mirów, Bobolice
The picturesque ruins of medieval castles and watch towers erected as though they were an eagle's nests on the peaks of calciferous rocks. The castle in Ogrodzieniec is a place of numerous open-air events, concerts and knights tournaments. In the castle in Będzin, there is an interesting collection of weapon and armament. 

3. The Palace & Park Complex, Koszęcin
The living tradition of the Silesian folklore. In the 18th century palace, there is the seat of the world renowned Song and Dance Ensemble "Śląsk". 

4. The Historical Silver-Mine, Tarnowskie Góry
The widespread maze of partially flooded underground, once coal-mine headings and workings. The tourist route of 1.700 m, including the part of 270 m drifted in vessels. Within the area adjacent to the mine, there is the steam engine heritage park.

5. The Black Trout Drift, Tarnowskie Góry
An example of a wonderful mining work - a 600-meter underground fragment of an old drift that is toured round in a vessel.

6. The Holy Mary of Piekary Basilica, Piekary Śląskie
One of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Poland - the centre of the Virgin Mary worship for the Silesian people with its Miraculous Picture of the Holy Mary of Piekary. 

7. The Palace and Park Complex, Pławniowice
A monumental palace with its unique interiors from 19th century, located in a peaceful surroundings, far from the city hustle and bustle. Nearby, there is a large lake. The possibility of accommodation and organising conferences and seminars.

8. The Radio Station, Gliwice
The Gliwice "Eiffel Tower" (111 m high) - an example of a wooden structure, unique worldwide. Historically, a place of the so-called Gliwice provocation - Hitler's propaganda justification for the outbreak of the Second World War. 

9. The Dolomites Sports Valley, Bytom
A modern sports centre, located in the centre of the Upper-Silesian Agglomeration with the ski trucks open the whole year, park for snow-borders and the paths for quads and sleighers, paths for mountain bikes. 

10. The Upper-Silesian Narrow-Gauge Railway, Bytom
The oldest in Europe, operating uninterruptedly for over 150 years, the narrow-gauge railway. The 23-km Bytom - Miasteczko Śląskie tourist route runs through the areas of varied landscape. 

11. The Museum of Bread, Radzionków
The only museum of that sort in Poland with its numerous exhibits for making and baking bread. The main attraction is the possibility to bake bread on one's own. 

12. The Błędów Desert, Błędów
Located between Błędów and Klucze, the largest area of volatile sands in Poland, the only natural desert in Poland, partially covered with flora characteristic of that region.

13. The "Queen Louise" Mining Heritage Park, Zabrze
The complex of monumental mining objects with an operating steam engine from 1915 and the shaft tower. The possibility of visiting the underground headings and workings dating back to the beginning of 19th century, travelling by the underground railway as well as the presentation of the monumental and contemporary mining devices in operation.

14. The Voivodeship Park of Culture and Leisure, Chorzów
The largest municipal park in Europe where, within the area of almost 1,500 acres, one may find, among others, the ZOO, Silesian Stadium, Funfair, Planetarium, Rose-House, cable and narrow-gauge railway, Upper-Silesian Ethnographic Park as well as numerous restaurants and cafes. 

15. The Schön's Palace
The 19th century residence of the Sosnowiec industrialists - now the museum's seat. 

16. The "Chudów Castle", Chudów
In the castle and in the neighbouring area, the "Medieval Fairs" are organised during which one may admire knights' fights, the work of the craftsmen of that time, listen to the old music concerts as well as to taste the dishes prepared according to old recipes. 

17. The Show & Sports Hall "Spodek", Katowice
The facility of original structure - the architectonic landmark of Katowice. The venue for organising plenty of cultural and sports events of international character.

18. The "Orka" Diving Centre", Jaworzno
The underwater sports centre, located in the flooded workings of the dolomites mine, where the excavators, deluged on the bottom, are an additional attraction. 

19. The Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie, Rudy
The natural and architectonic complex of the Cistercian order comprising the monastery and palace complex and the monumental park with numerous avenues, ponds and old forest stand. In the post-Cistercian church, there are the Lovers' patron, St. Valentine's relics.

20. The "Ignacy" Monumental Coal-Mine, Rybnik
In the mine, there are two steam hoisting machines, operating uninterruptedly for over 100 years, being the unusually precious monuments of technology that captivate with their manufacturing precision. 

21. The Shooting Lodge, Promnice
Beautiful views, princes' interiors, a luxurious hotel, delicious venison dishes prepared by Poland's cuisine chefs in the 19th century shooting lodge. Located on the Paprocany Lake in the Pszczyna Forest. 

22. The Tychy Princes' Brewery and Museum of Brewing Industry, Tychy
Four centuries of uninterrupted tradition of beer brewing. The possibility of visiting the brewery as well as the Museum of Brewing Industry, the only in Poland, that presents the history of beer in an original and modern manner and the Tychy Princes' Brewery.

23. The Castle Museum, Pszczyna
The palace and park complex, known as the pearl of the Upper Silesia. In the castle, surrounded by a magnificent park in the English style, the original interiors have been preserved dating to the times of the emperor Wilhelm II and the duchess Daisy (the end of 19th century). 

24. The Castle Hill, Cieszyn
The cross-border castle hill, where there are the 11th century Romanesque rotunda, one of the oldest buildings in Poland as well as the 16th century Piast Tower, from which one may admire the panorama of Cieszyn. 

25. The Gondola Railway to Szyndzielnia, Bielsko-Biała
The gondola line railway, over 1,800 m long, to the Szyndzielnia peak, from which one may admire the beautiful panorama of Bielsko-Biała and the Beskidy Mountains. An excursion point for picturesque mountain routes. 

26. The Żar Mountain, Międzybrodzie Żywieckie
The line & track railway leading to the Żar Mountain to the modern winter sports centre as well as the gliding and paragliding centre of the Beskidy Mountains. On the mountain peak, there is the pumped-storage power station reservoir with the capacity of 2 million cubic meters of water. 

27. The Spas, Ustroń
The numerous spa centres, located on the slopes of the Równica Mountain, provide abundant treatment and leisure facilities of the beskidy Mountains. The offer comprises the wide range of treatment procedures, such as: mud, pearl, saline baths as well as inhalations and rehabilitative massages. 

28. Skiing, Ustroń, Wisła, Szczyrk, Korbielów
The Beskidy Mountains are the best place for active spending of leisure time, especially in winter. Over 200 km of routes and 150 ski lifts provide the excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding. 

29. The "Żywiec" Brewery, Żywiec
For years, the "Żywiec" beer has been the most recognised beer brand in Poland and worldwide. On the premises, the possibility of visiting the brewery and beer tasting.

30. The Żywiec Lake, Żywiec
One of the largest water regions, situated in the picturesque surroundings of the Beskidy Mountains. A popular site for water sports, especially for sailing and windsurfing. 

31. The Springs of the Vistula River, Wisła
From the slops of the Barabia Góra, the springs of the Biała and Wisełka Streams flow out that are the beginning of the longest river in Poland - Vistula.

32. The "Castle" Residence of the President of the Republic of Poland, Wisła
The mountainous residence of the President of the Republic of Poland. A monumental castle with the pre-war interior, available for tourists. The possibility of accommodation. 

33. Koronka, Konaków, Istebna, Jaworzynka
The places of the mountain folklore, where the folk tradition of handicraft is cultivated. It is actually from here that the worldwide renowned laces originate from which table clothes, doilies and even underwear is made.

34. The Old Inn, Jeleśnia
One of the oldest monumental inns in Poland with its charming architecture offering delicious dishes of the mountainous cuisine.

The Małopolskie Voivodeship

2. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, Oświęcim.
The concentration camp established by the Nazis in 1940 - a place of terror, genocide, a symbol of the Holocaust. A mass grave of 1,5 million victims of the Nazi extermination. 

2. The Place of the Pope John Paul II Birth, Wadowice
The place of the Pope John Paul II birth and youth. Karol Wojtyła's family house - currently the seat of Museum of the Holy Father John Paul II.

3. The Wawel, Krakow
The Royal Castle, a residence of Poland's rulers from 11th to 17th century and the neighbouring cathedral, the coronation place of the Polish kings, the centre of the secular and church authorities. Nowadays, the castle museum makes the royal chambers, the crown treasury and armoury available for tourists.